Three teenaged boys stand along an exterior wall.  Two are wearing military uniforms. Jeffrey R, Chase T. and Alex H. are three of the four young men who have volunteered for the nation's armed forces.

Four Holston High School students have signed up to serve in the nation's armed forces this year. Chase T., Thomas M. and Alex H. have signed up for the Virginia National Guard. Jeffrey R. has signed up to serve in the U.S. Army Reserves.

All four young men have taken and passes the entrance exams and physicals and have made the commitment to defend the nation. Each of these outstanding individuals have excelled at Holston. Collectively, they are athletes, 4-H members, have served as students of the month and in play productions. They have also won numerous athletic and academic awards between them.

The nation's service is getting four of Holston High School's best and brightest students. The faculty and staff proudly salute them.

Eleven high school students are ballroom dancing on a stage during a musical production of Cinderella. The Cinderella characters perform a ballroom dance.

On Friday, March 28th and Saturday March 29th, the Holston High School Choral Class presented a musical production based on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. The play featured dialog as well as singing from the accomplished vocalists of the HHS Chorus. The play married colorful costumes, a piano score, dance moves, and witty, well-timed verbal exchanges. Twenty-one students participated, with twelve in starring roles and nine in supporting roles. Some of the supporting roles were filled by students from Damascus Middle School.

The production was the end result of hours of work for Mrs. Suzanne Spirup , the choral director, her husband Jim, and the participating students. Ms. Karla Rasnake assisted with the building of props and Brad P. and Jarred H. from Abingdon worked the lights and sound.

All participants are to be congratulated for an excellent production that reflects great credit upon their work and dedication.

Students sit at tables and talk to each other. Students take turns talking about their books as the timer counts down.

Students in Ms. Phillips's English Language Arts classes enjoyed their second speedy book talks session on the last Thursday of February. All students were assigned either fiction or nonfiction books of their choice. After finishing the book, each student created a restaurant menu that was connected to the book. For instance, a student who read a nonfiction book about hunting showed off his venison menu complete with jerky, burgers, and roasts. Another student created a menu where each of the main characters was featured through an entire meal. Students had to include adjectives to make their food choices sound irresistible. With only two minutes to speak to each listener, students really had to speed along!

Today our school district is proud to announce that we are going live with our new SchoolMessenger notification system. Our district will use the SchoolMessenger Notification System to provide timely communication to parents, staff, and community members on matters such as attendance, general interest activities and district emergencies.

Contact Manager is a feature of SchoolMessenger that allows our parents and contracted staff to update contact information used by SchoolMessenger. It also allows users to choose the type of notifications they receive and how they receive them. Find out how to access Contact Manager below!

  • Parents: You can access Contact Manager through Parent Portal. Just log into Parent Portal and click the new SchoolMessenger link on the left hand side of the page.
  • Contracted Staff: All contracted staff will receive an email today with instructions on how to access Contact Manager.

Once inside Contact Manager, you'll be able to view all notifications send to you on the Messages tab or edit your contact information on the Contacts tab.

Non-contracted staff and community members will use the SchoolMessenger Community page to create an account and have their information pulled into the SchoolMessenger system. This page will be unavailable until tomorrow.

For more information about how you can use the SchoolMessenger system, please visit our SchoolMessenger wiki page!

During the evening of Thursday, February 20, Greendale Elementary students and families were invited to browse the Scholastic Book Fair Fiesta and enjoy some books, in their pajamas! In keeping with the Fiesta theme, Mr. Paul Viers from Woodland Hills Christian Church in Abingdon shared some pictures, games, and memories from his time in Mexico. The children were very excited to be given a chance to shake the maracas, play with the wooden toys, and try on the sombrero! After we learned some facts about Mexico, we spread out in the library for a book fiesta, with children, parents, and teachers reading together. We were delighted to have Mr. Bill Brooks, Mr. Danny Ruble, and Mrs. Elizabeth Lowe, Washington County School Board members, join us for this event. Guidance counselor Mrs. Lisa Fugate and fifth-grade Friendly Helpers, Seraiye J., Madison S., Connor S., Natalie S., and Grace W. had prepared a special video presentation for our board members in thanks for their service to our county! As we concluded our time with some cookies and hot chocolate provided by our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), those in attendance would say our book fiesta was “muy bien!”

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